Custom Teacher Professional Development

Street Law works directly with schools and school districts to design custom professional development for middle and high school social studies teachers to improve their subject-area knowledge and help them use effective teaching strategies.

Street Law provides instruction about fundamental topics in government and law, including the legal and judicial systems, the U.S. Constitution, rule of law, and federalism. We provide updated information on current public issues like Supreme Court cases, immigration, voting and elections, gun laws, search and seizure, and civil rights and liberties.

We develop teacher capacity to use engaging, skill-building instructional strategies like simulations (e.g., mock trial, moot court, negotiation, dispute resolution, etc.), deliberative discussion, and project-based learning. 

We have a flexible approach to program design and work directly with schools and school districts to determine the ideal content mix and program length.

Street Law can help teachers implement Common Core State Standards; the College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies State Standards; and the Understanding by Design framework in their classrooms.

Why Street Law?

Street Law is well-positioned to help teachers be the best educators they can be.

  • We have more than four decades of experience designing and delivering teacher PD.
  • Our expert staff are former classroom teachers, lawyers, and curriculum writers.
  • We have successfully created and implemented teacher PD programs in partnership with agencies, organizations, and school districts, including: the U.S. Department of Education, The Missouri Bar, Fairfax County (VA) Public Schools, and Prince George’s County (MD) Public Schools … to name just a few.
  • Our Supreme Court Summer Institute for Teachers has trained approximately 1,200 social studies teachers since it began in 1995.
  • A recent study conducted by researchers at the College of William and Mary’s School of Education found that teachers who attended our Supreme Court Summer Institute both gained confidence in using and increased their use of Street Law strategies and content.
  • We literally “wrote the book” for two high school social studies courses: Street Law: A Course in Practical Law (10th edition, 2021, McGraw-Hill Education) and United States Government: Our Democracy (2018, McGraw-Hill Education).
  • We are active in the broader civic education community and participate in the Civics Renewal Network and Civic Nation.


Workshops are designed to address the needs of the participants, and costs are as low as approximately $100 per day per teacher (with a minimum of 15 participants). Exact pricing will vary depending on location and number of participants. 


Cathy Ruffing

Senior Director, Teacher Professional Development Programs & Curriculum


Jen Wheeler

Director, Teacher Professional Development Programs & Curriculum