Legal Life Skills Programs

Many young people and adults lack opportunities to develop the legal knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to thrive and succeed as informed, empowered, and civically-engaged community members. Without access to practical legal knowledge, these populations become vulnerable to higher rates of unemployment, conflict, homelessness, violence, consumer abuse, civic disengagement, and other unfair treatments.

Our Legal Life Skills Program reduces these risks by bringing empowering law-related education to the populations that need it most.

The program enables community-based organizations and government agencies that serve vulnerable populations to integrate Street Law lessons into their program offerings.

Street Law's Legal Life Skills Program can be taught by different types of "instructors"—specifically, organization/agency staff or groups of volunteers from the legal community (e.g., lawyers, legal professionals, and law students). We train and equip instructors with everything they need to lead participants through a series of practical law lessons. These lessons are designed to boost participant knowledge and build key life skills, like conflict resolution, decision-making, communication, analytical thinking, and advocacy.

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Street Law partners with corporations, community organizations, and volunteers from the legal community to teach practical law to young people and adults who are most vulnerable to racism and injustice. This program ensures that participants know their rights and build key life skills to help them advocate for themselves and their communities.

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