Teacher Professional Development Opportunities from Street Law

Learn about Street Law’s current teacher professional development program opportunities.

Teacher Professional Development Opportunities with Other Organizations

Our friends at the following organizations also provide excellent professional development. Check them out!

  • Bill of Rights Institute: The Bill of Rights Institute provides educational resources on America’s Founding documents and principles for teachers and students of American History and Civics. They offer constitution seminars for teachers around the country. (www.billofrightsinstitute.org)
  • Constitutional Rights Foundation Chicago: CRFC strengthens American democracy by providing elementary and secondary students with hands-on learning about the Constitution to prepare them for informed civic engagement. They offer a variety of Professional Development designed to meet the evolving needs of educators in a rapidly changing civic landscape. (www.crfc.org)
  • James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation: The Foundation’s mission is to strengthen civic education by encouraging graduate study of the American Constitution—its roots, its formation, its principles, and its development.  The Foundation provides fellowships of $24,000 to qualified teachers or potential teachers for study at any accredited university with a master’s degree program offering courses or training in Constitutional studies. (www.jamesmadison.com)
  • Local law-related education programs: Many states have law-related education programs that are supported by the Law-Related Education Act of 1978. These programs strive to help K-12 students develop the skills and knowledge pertaining to the law, legal process and legal systems. (Search for programs in your state)