Enhancing your law curriculum with law-themed clubs and activities can deepen the experience for your Street Law students. They can also provide you with ways to bring law-related education to a larger audience and generate additional interest in your course.

  • Law clubs: A law club, just like any other academic club, would grant students the opportunity to dabble in legal topics outside the school day. Time could be devoted to keeping up-to-date on legal developments, discussion or debate of legal topics, after-school trips to locations of interest such as courtrooms or legislative sessions, or connecting with legal professionals. This could be especially helpful for students who are thinking of a legal career.

  • Mock trial teams: Mock trial teams have grown in popularity in the last few decades. As a result there are now many resources to support the formation of a team at your school.  One place to start is with your state bar association. Many state bar associations have mock trial team contacts and resources in support of local and state mock trial competitions. Winners of state mock trial competitions are invited to compete at the National High School Mock Trial Championship. For a comprehensive list of state mock trial coordinators, visit the National High School Mock Trial Championship website.

  • Law Day Activities: Law day is celebrated on May 1 of every year. The American Bar Association's Division for Public Education organizes the event by selecting a theme and providing teaching resources. Law Day provides a great opportunity for teachers and students to reflect on the role of law in our society.